About Us


INDIGEE METALS is a majority Indigenous owned and Supply Nation registered manufacturing company. It is the joint venture between JNC Group (Aust) and Precision Metal Group, formed to extend their excellent collaborative relationship and to harness their complementary strengths.

PMG has been on the Australian Sovereignty / Australian Made journey for many years. Our key objective is to upskill and become certified internationally to better understand the requirements of the International Primes and allow our business to reduce and manage the risks for all parties.

Over the years, JNC has proven its commitment to Indigenous communities and the focus on regional support will see new facilities established across Australia, with employment and local emergency sustainment availability.

The collaboration of both passionate and dedicated Australian companies will form INDIGEE METALS. The company will work with regional areas across Australia to open career paths for Indigenous youth as part of our skills storage program, while focusing on AIC with local input along with Indigenous companies and Indigenous communities.